Common Rocks of Stebbins Gulch



These are some common types of rocks that you will see on a tour through Stebbins Gulch. Starting from the upper left, the first rock is a piece of Berea sandstone. The parallel ridges on its surface are fossilized ripple marks made by an ancient current before the rock solidified, and was later preserved by burial in more sediment.   Moving to the right, we have a rounded piece of conglomerate, the source of the quartz pebbles that litter the creek bed. Further to the right is a flat piece of shale, in this case an oil shale from the Cleveland Shale Formation.  In the lower middle is a piece of gneiss, a billion-year-old piece of metamorphic rock transported by glaciers from Canada during the Pleistocene glaciations. On the lower left is a piece of siltstone from the Bedford Formation.

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