Mission & Strategies


In 2012, Holden's Board of Directors adopted a new mission statement to guide the arboretum.

The Holden Arboretum is an outdoor living museum that promotes the beauty and importance of trees and other woody plants to create sustainable and healthy communities in the Great Lakes region and beyond.

In 2009, Holden's Board of Directors adopted a new vision and set of strategic goals:


The Holden Arboretum envisions a Northeast Ohio in which trees, forests, and gardens provide maximum ecological and social benefits to the region’s people and communities.


  • Growing Trees and Communities: Interconnected networks of trees and wooded environments – from street trees to home gardens to green spaces – sustain the ecological health of the communities where we live and work. 
  • Conserving Native Forests: The diversity, health, function, and ecological services of forested ecosystems in human-impacted landscapes are conserved for future generations.
  • Engaging Children With Plants: Children have an appreciation for and knowledge of regional plants and their environments, and will be able to apply their understanding to real-life situations.
  • Place and Purpose: People value Holden as an enjoyable and enriching place to visit and as an important institution that inspires popular support for improving trees, forests, and communities of the region.