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What's In Bloom

In June, see the large flowers of the bigleaf magnolia (Magnolia macrophylla) in the Myrtle S. Holden Wildflower Garden and enjoy the fragrance of the sweetbay magnolias (Magnolia virginiana) by Blueberry Pond. Early in the month, peonies (Paeonia lactiflora) are in bloom in the Display Garden and at Lantern Court. Japanese and Peking tree lilacs (Syringa reticulata, S. pekinensis) are flowering in the Display Garden and in the Sally Gries Entry Garden.


Baptisia (Baptisia australis, B. sphaerocarpa, B. alba & cultivars) are flowering throughout the garden areas Japanese iris (Iris ensata) and hardy geraniums (Geranium sanguineum, G. x cantabrigiense, G. ‘Rozanne’, G. ‘Tiny Monster’). Mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia) will be blooming in the Myrtle S. Holden Wildflower Garden and the Helen S. Layer Rhododendron Garden. Native azaleas, (Rhododendron arborescens, R. calendulaceum, R. cumberlandense) and their hybrids (R. ‘Framingham’, ‘Popsicle’ ‘Pink Puff’ will be in bloom along with rosebay rhododendrons (Rhododendron maximum) and their large-leaved hybrids (R. ‘Maxecat’, ‘Summer Snow’) and the ‘Alexander’ evergreen azalea.


Check out the dramatic burnt orange or yellow spires of desert candle (Eremurus ‘Lemon Meringue’. ‘Cleopatra’, ‘Pinnocchio’) that stand out in the Sally Gries Entry Garden, the Whitney Memorial Garden and the Arlene and Arthur S. Holden Butterfly Garden. Don’t miss the bright red flowers of Maltese Cross (Lychnis chalcedonica ‘Burning Love’), the cool blue catmint (Nepeta x faassenii ‘Walker’s Low’), and the yellow coneflowers (Echinacea paradoxa) in the Holden Butterfly Garden. Check out the hardy ground orchid (Bletilla striata) in the Display Garden and by the Corning Visitor Center.


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