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What's In Bloom

In July Hydrangeas (Hydrangea arborescens, H. quercifolia, H. paniculata, H. macrophylla), daylilies (Hemerocallis) and astilbes (Astilbe cultivars & Astilbe chinensis) are in full bloom in the Display, Butterfly, and Rhododendron Gardens as well as at Lantern Court.


In the Rhododendron gardens enjoy the deciduous azalea hybrids (Rhododendron ‘Weston’s Lemon Drop’, ‘Pennsylvania’, ‘Framingham’, ‘July Joy’, and ‘July Jingle’). Hibiscus ‘Tosca’, a rose-of-Sharon hybrid has large lavender-pink flowers in the Display Garden. The Stokes asters (Stokesia laevis), Shasta daisies (Leucanthemum x superbum cultivars), black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia fulgida, R. hirta), bee balm (Monarda didyma, M. fistulosa, and hybrids), blazing-stars (Liatris spicata), and purple coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea and hybrids) are blooming in the Display, Butterfly and Prairie Gardens where the showy pink plumes of the Queen-of-the-Prairie (Filipendula rubra) grace the landscape.


The bottlebrush buckeyes (Aesculus parviflora and A. parviflora ‘Rogers’ along the entrance drive, Hedge Garden, and in the Butterfly Garden brightening up the landscape. Check out the water-lilies (Nymphaea) in the Display Garden, Arlene and Arthur S. Holden, Jr. Butterfly Garden and at Lantern Court.


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