Mastin Forest Communities

This course will introduce middle and high school teachers to native Ohio forest communities and all of the organisms that lie within them. Participants will learn how to teach theses concepts in order to meet the state science standards in life science. Holden instructors and staff in our conservation department will conduct field experience with teachers and relate their findings to the plant community as a whole and trees specifically. Teachers will receive content and classroom activities that they can integrate into their curriculum on serer al different levels. Concepts covered will range form the basic ecology, nutrient cycling, soil composition, decomposition, interdependent relationships and human interaction. A significant amount of time will be spent outside. You have to spend time in a forest amidst the trees to learn about them.


Participants will build their own knowledge base and take par in activities and experiments that are appropriate for their students. A large part of the class time will be spent in outdoor field studies to provide first-hand experiences with the science concepts being covered. What better place to study about forests and trees than at an arboretum with more than 3,000 acres of them.


The Holden Arboretum will cover the cost of one graduate credit from Lake Erie College upon successful completion of the course. Teachers will receive activity handouts as well as science reference and curriculum texts for use in the classroom. There is no fee for this course.