Wellness is an active, lifelong process and at Holden we believe, and have research results to back it up, that plants and our beautiful environment can play an integral role in a more balanced and fulfilling life.  Plants and gardens have proven restorative effects on people. Just passively observing gardens or natural surroundings lowers blood pressure, increases concentration, decreases stress levels, diminishes muscle tension and can help alleviate pain. Of course, actively hiking and exploring the gardens and trails have fitness benefits as well. Reconnect with nature and let the beauty of Holden inspire you to more healthy living!

Join a Group

Explore the many opportunities for renewal, rejuvenation, stress management, and physical fitness at Holden.  It is easy to establish a new habit by joining a multi-session class. Plants, nature or Holden’s natural environment are an integral component of all of regular class offerings.

  • Yoga in the Garden
  • Tai Chi with Trees (April-October)
  • Knitting in Nature for Inspiration and Tranquility

Visit the class schedule pages for times.