New Leaf projects already completed thanks to the generous support of our funders:

The Eliot and Linda Paine
Rhododendron Discovery Garden

The new 4.5 acre Rhododendron Discovery Garden will allow visitors to learn more about this beautiful landscape plant as they stroll down the winding paths designed by MTR Landscape Architects and constructed by Vizmeg Inc. of Stow, past beds planted by Holden’s team of horticulturists.

Within the garden, visitors will learn more about the Heath family, which includes rhododendrons, azaleas, mountain laurel and blueberries. Garden interpretation also explores the important roll hybridizers from Northeast Ohio in the introduction of new hybrids to the market and the best ways to care for rhododendrons at home. The new garden also includes restroom facilities for guests.

This is the first new garden to open at Holden since the completion of the Arlene and Arthur S. Holden Jr. Butterfly Garden in 2002

The R. Henry Norweb Jr.
Tree Allée

The new R. Henry Norweb Jr. Tree Allée, lined with paperbark hazels, swamp white oaks, American elms, flowering dogwoods and serviceberry trees, will lead visitors from the Display Garden to the Paine Rhododendron Discovery Garden.

Warren H. Corning Library Renovations
Work on the Warren H. Corning Library was completed in September 2012, updating the 32-year-old facility. Shelves were reconfigured, new carpet and furnishings were added and a new librarian’s desk was constructed to help make the library more inviting to guests. The library now has a more well-defined children’s area for planned story times or impromptu visits from families. Comfortable chairs with a view of the Arlene and Arthur S. Holden Jr. Butterfly Garden encourage guest to settle in with a good book. Wi-Fi access in the library has also been improved, making it a good place to work with and laptop or an iPad.

Improvements to Hourglass Pond and the Holden Irrigation System.
Hourglass Pond, located in the Helen S. Layer Rhododendron Garden, was dredged in 2009-10 to improve irrigation at The Holden Arboretum. In addition to providing Holden with a new source of water for irrigation, the project also advances Holden’s master plan for the grounds. A shelf, two feet below the surface and 10 feet wide, was created and planted with native emergent species, which serve as a habitat for wildlife as part of Holden’s efforts to conserve native forests.
The pond also will serve as a transition space between the cultivated gardens and surrounding natural areas, providing examples of the types of plants that can be added to home landscapes to draw wildlife to their own backyards as part of Holden’s growing trees and communities strategic goals.
Finally, improved irrigation will enhance the Holden experience for our guests while making future improvements to Corning Lake possible.

Working behind the scenes, The Holden Arboretum has been raising funds for capital projects designed to improve and enhance our existing landscape as a part of the New Leaf Campaign.
We hope to count you among our campaign supporters and encourage you to check this page regularly to continue to see the campaign story unfold. Click here to be added to the Holden e-mail newsletter list to be sure not to miss any of the magic!

The New Leaf plan is the blueprint for new and improved gardens and facilities that will:

  • Attract more visitors, including walkers, hikers, educational groups, teachers, researchers, conservationists and scientists, using the gardens to tell them the stories outlined in Holden’s strategic plan
  • Engage guests in the fascinating world of nature and provide them with excellent amenities during their visit
    Inspire people and provide them with the knowledge to transform their gardens and communities
  • Showcase exemplary trees and other plants
  • Demonstrate resource conservation and sustainable practices in landscapes and buildings

Several projects have already been completed within New Leaf, including a new garden and infrastructure improvements. See the list of completed projects on the right.

Other New Leaf projects are still in the planning stages, including:

  • Canopy Walk
    Unique to Northeast Ohio, this 500’ long elevated walkway over a tributary of Pierson Creek will take visitors 65’ above the valley
    The walk will give a novel, exciting and new perspective to forests and will engage children, families and all visitors
  • June Room, which is being partially supported with an EPA 319 grant for stream restoration
  • Deer enclosure fence for the core gardens
  • Improvements to Corning Lake and Lotus Pond and the creation of a new riparian stream between the two

These projects would not be possible without strong private funding. Please call or email James Pelowski, Ph.D., director of development, at or 440.602.3830 to find out more about supporting The New Leaf campaign.