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Juliana S. Medeiros, PhD


Ph.D. 2009, University of New Mexico
M.S. 2003, University of New Mexico
B.S. 2000, University of New Mexico

Adjuct Appointments:

Adjunct Assistant Professor,
Kent State University
Case Western Reserve University

Juliana S. Medeiros, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

My research focuses on plant anatomical and physiological acclimation and adaptations to the abiotic environment. I am interested in how phenotypic and genetic variation in plant form and function interact with variation in climate over space and time to drive ecological patterns and the evolution of plant diversity. I focus primarily on plant hydraulic traits, including xylem water transport, leaf gas exchange and the integration of leaf and xylem function.  More information concerning my research interests and current projects can be found here.

Selected Publications

Medeiros JS, A Begaye†, DT Hanson, B Logan and WT Pockman. 2015. Photoprotective response to chilling differs among high and low latitude Larrea divaricata grown in a common garden. Journal of Arid Environments 120: 51-54.

Westerband† A, M Dovciak, G La Quay-Velasquez† and JS Medeiros. In Press. Aspect reduces soil moisture and tree cover, but not nitrogen mineralization or grass cover in semi-arid pinyon-juniper woodlands of the southwestern United States. Accepted to Southwestern Naturalist on August 27, 2014.

Medeiros JS and WT Pockman. 2014. Freezing regime and trade-offs with water transport efficiency generate variation in xylem structure across diploid populations of Larrea sp. American Journal of Botany 101: 598-607.

Becklin KM*, JS Medeiros*, KR Sale† and JK Ward. 2014. Evolutionary history underlies plant physiological responses to global change since the Last Glacial Maximum. Ecology Letters 17: 691-699.

Medeiros JS and JK Ward. 2013. Increasing atmospheric [CO2] from glacial through future levels affects drought tolerance via impacts on leaves, xylem and their integrated function. New Phytologist 199: 738-748.

Medeiros JS, Marshall DL, Maherali H and Pockman WT. 2012. Variation in seedling freezing response is associated with climate in Larrea. Oecologia 169: 73-84. doi: 10.1007/s00442-011-2181-z

Medeiros JS and Pockman WT. 2011. Drought increases freezing tolerance in both leaves and xylem of Larrea tridentata. Plant, Cell and Environment 34:  43-51. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-3040.2010.02224

D’Odorico P, Fuentes JD, Pockman WT, Collins SL, He Y, Medeiros JS, DeWekker S and Litvak ME. 2010. Positive feedback between microclimate and shrub encroachment in the northern Chihuahuan desert. EcoSphere 1: 1-11. doi: 10.1029/2010JG001382

Marshal DL, Tyler AP, Shaner MGM, Abrahamson NJ, Avritt JJ, Barnes MG, Larkin LL, Medeiros JS , Reynolds J, Simpson HL and Maliakal-Witt S. 2010. Pollen performance of Raphanus sativus (Brassicaceae) declines over time in response to elevated [CO2]. Sexual Plant Reproduction 23: 325-336. doi: 10.1007/s00497-010-0146-8

Diggle P, Abrahamson NJ, Baker RL, Barnes MG, Koontz TL, Lay CR, Medeiros JS , Murgel JL, Shaner MGM, Simpson HL, Wu CC and Marshall DL. 2010. Dynamics of maternal and paternal effects on embryo and seed development in wild radish (Raphanus sativus). Annals of Botany 106: 309-319. doi: 10.1093/aob/mcq110

Medeiros JS and Pockman WT. 2010. Carbon gain and hydraulic limits on water use differ between size classes of Larrea tridentata. Journal of Arid Environments 74: 1121-1129. doi: 10.1016/j.jaridenv.2010.05.008

Marshall DL, Avritt JJ, Maliakal-Witt S , Medeiros JS and Shaner MGM. 2010. The impact of plant and flower age on mating patterns.Annals of Botany 105: 7-22. doi: 10.1093/aob/mcp260

Marshall DL., Reynolds J, Abrahamson NJ, Simpson HL, Barnes MG, Medeiros JS , Walsh S, Oliveras DM and Avritt JJ.2007.Do differences in plant and flower age change mating patterns and alter offspring fitness in Raphanus sativus (Brassicaceae)? American Journal of Botany 94: 409-418. doi: 10.3732/ajb.94.3.409

Marshall DL, Abrahamson NJ, Avritt JJ, Hall PM, Medeiros JS , Reynolds J, Shaner MGM, Simpson HL, Trafton AN, Tyler AP and Walsh S. 2004. Differences in plastic responses to defoliation due to variation in the timing of treatments for two species of Sesbania (Fabaceae). Annals of Botany 95: 1049-1058. doi:10.1093/aob/mci116

†Undergraduate advisee

*Co-first authors