New Books at the Corning Library

Holden' Librarian is always on the lookout great books to add to the library shelves. Below some recent additions to the library.

Animal Tracks

Field Guide To Tracking Animals In Snow

Louise Richardson Forrest


A Feathered River Across The Sky : The Passenger Pigeon's Flight To Extinction

Joel Greenberg

Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher : Birdfeeders & Bird Gardens

Robert Burton

Lake Erie Birding Trail


Growing Garden Bulbs

Richard Wilford


Butterflies Of Indiana : A Field Guide

Jeffrey E. Belth

Butterfly People : An American Encounter With The Beauty Of The World

William Leach

Children's Picture Books

A Tree For All Seasons

Robin Bernard


Lori Nichols

The Happiness Tree : Celebrating The Gifts Of Trees We Treasure

Andrea Alban

The Reasons For Seasons

Gail Gibbons.

We're Going On A Leaf Hunt

Steve Metzger

Container Gardening

Hanging Baskets

Andrew Mikolajski

Dangerous Animals

Things That Bite : A Realistic Look At Critters That Scare People

Tom Anderson

Ecology – Study and Teaching

Exploring Ecology : 49 Ready-To-Use Activities For Grades 4-8

Patricia Warren

Edible Landscaping

The Edible Front Yard

Ivette Soler

Forests and Forestry

Communities And Forests : Where People Meet The Land

Eastern Deciduous Forest : Ecology And Wildlife Conservation

Richard H. Yahner

Forest Ecology

Forest Ecosystems

David A. Perry

Saving The World's Deciduous Forests : Ecological Perspectives

Robert Askins

The Hidden Forest: The Biography Of An Ecosystem

Jon R. Luoma


Got Shade? : A ""Take It Easy"" Approach For Today's Gardener

Carolyn Harstad

Got Sun? : 200 Best Native Plants For Your Garden

Carolyn Harstad

Plantiful: Start Small, Grow Big

Kristin Green

Gardens, English

America's Romance With The English Garden

Thomas J. Mickey

The Story Of Kew Gardens In Photographs

Lynn Parker

Gardens, Japanese

Quiet Beauty: Japanese Gardens Of North America

Kendall H. Brown

Grain Plants

Our Daily Bread : A History Of Cereals

Åsmund Bjørnstad,


Hemlock : A Forest Giant On The Edge


Bug Music : How Insects Gave Us Rhythm And Noise

David Rothenberg

Invasive Plants

An assessment of invasive plant species monitored by the Northern Research Station, 2005 through 2010

Cassandra M. Kurtz

Medicinal Plants

Field Guide To Medicinal Wild Plants

Bradford Angier


Lewis and Clark: Pioneering Naturalists

Paul Russell Cutright

Nocturnal Animals

A Guide To Night Sounds

Lang Elliott


The Know Maintenance Perennial Garden

Roy Diblik

Plants, Useful

The Drunken Botanist : The Plants That Create The World's Great Drinks

Amy Stewart


The Nature And Properties Of Soils

Nyle C. Brady


Common Spiders of Ohio


National Wildlife Federation Field Guide To Trees Of North America

Trees And Shrubs : A Gardener's Encyclopedia

Geoff Bryant