Stop 11: Largest waterfall


The scene above and the thumbnail photos below show several of the topographic features that are the high point of any visit to Stebbins Gulch. The term “big waterfall” is instantly recognizable to anyone who has completed a tour up the creek. Scaling the waterfall is one of the more exciting and memorable activities of the tour. Frankly, overcoming this obstacle isn’t as difficult as it looks. The Berea Sandstone is a prominent cliff former and waterfall former throughout Northeast Ohio. Towns like Bedford, Chagrin Falls, Berea and North Olmstead all owe their founding to waterfalls capped by Berea Sandstone, i.e., wherever Mother Nature has obligingly created a hydrostatic head (elevation difference) with the potential energy to turn a waterwheel for grinding corn and grain.

  Stream anticline      Hikers carefully cross the creek in Stebbins Gulch  
   Hikers climb the big waterfall in Stebbins      The slide or spillway in Stebbins  
  Water rushes down a stone staircase in Stebbins      
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