Stebbins Gulch Ancient Worm Burrow?

The rocks in Stebbins Gulch range in age from the late Devonian Period to the Early Mississippian Period, about 370 to 350 million years ago.  This rock was picked up off the stream bottom in the lower reaches of Stebbins Run.  It could have come from any of the named formations in the Gulch. Sometimes examining a rock surface like this one, once part of an ancient sea bottom, is like looking at something from another planet.   What kind of animal bored through the muddy sea bottom, making the tube-like structure crossing the middle of the sample?  Surely it was like nothing alive in Ohio today.  The boring or track, or whatever it is, appears to have a thin wall or lining of some type. Equally puzzling are all the other poorly-preserved markings on the rock surface.  Looking for trace fossils like these is one of the many rewards of a trip to Stebbins Gulch.

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