Resources for Woodlot Landowners

Forestry Glossary, common forestry, conservation and research terms

Consulting Foresters: for marking timber and administrating timber sales; also for timber cost-base appraisals. To locate a consulting forester, use the following resources:

Master Loggers: for harvesting timber; landowners should have trees marked by a forester before contacting any loggers. To locate a master logger, visit the Ohio Forestry Association. 

Ohio Wood Products: portable sawmills, custom sawmills, traditional sawmills, secondary wood product manufacturers, timber price reports; landowners should have trees marked by a forester before contacting any timber buyer. Learn more. 

Ohio Timber Price Reports

Best Management Practices for Erosion Control in Ohio

Best Forest Management Guides,  additional fact sheets for trail maintenance and stream crossings

Best Forest Management Guides  

Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio

Protect Your Forestland from Nonnative, Invasive Weeds

Herbicides for Control of Non-native, Invasive Weeds

Educational Opportunities for Forest Landowners

Tree Identification

Forestry Fact Sheets

Non-Native, Invasive Insects: Emerald Ash Borer and Gypsy Moth

National Timber Tax Website,  Tax Implications of Tree Planting and Forest Management:

Growing Trees from Seed

American Tree Farm System

Estate Succession Planning

My Land Plan, online tool for land management planning, helping you to map your land, set an easy tools to map your land, set goals, keep a journal and connect with woodland owners and foresters.

Agroforestry and Non-Timber Forest Products